{ the great easter egg hunt | kierra }

“Mommy, mommy, wake up… It’s Easter. We have to go and see if the Easter Bunny hid the eggs in the yard for me to find.” Pulling me from bed, Kierra raced to the living room, to find a huge Easter Basket filled with goodies. While that kept her busy, Mommy Bunny, stealthily hid the eggs. : )

Soon after, Kierra’s Third Annual Easter Egg Hunt began. Ready… Set… Go!

kierra easter ready set go

She ran as fast as her little feet could carry her.

kierra easter found one

“I found one, I found one,” she shouted.

kierra easter walking

With mommy and daddy looking on, she ran around the yard on a mission searching for the brightly colored eggs.

kierra easter searching

kierra easter peeking

kierra easter two eggs

In no time her basket was overflowing with eggs.

kierra easter full basket

Just when we she had collected them all, and we thought she was done. Miss Kierra announced, “Okay, now… I’ll hide them and you and Daddy go find them.”

kierra easter near cottage

kierra easter rehide

And she proceeded to re-hide all the eggs for us to find.

kierra easter what is inside

Once we recollected the lot of them, Kierra excitedly opened them all to find the treats inside.

“Mommy… You know how much I like Christmas right? Well, I think I like Easter just as much. Can I have two favorite holidays, can I, can I?” Oh, 2b3 again.

Happy Easter!

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