{ a latté fun | kennedy’s 4th birthday }

This weekend was my first free Saturday in a while, and my daughter and I spent it attending her friend Kennedy’s 4th Birthday party at A Latté Fun Cafe, in Palm Beach Gardens.

Here is a portrait of the beautiful Birthday Girl.

kennedy portrait

A Latté Fun just moved to Downtown at the Gardens, and this was their opening weekend. It is a great indoor playground for kids, and they throw no muss, no fuss themed parties for parents who want to assure a fun filled time for their kids and guests.


The pink, yellow, and orange pallete looked great with the trendy green walls. From the gerber daisy centerpiece to the colorful petite cupcakes, the details were perfect.

birthday girl

And check out that cute feathered hat on the birthday girl, sitting in that great Alice in Wonderland inspired chair.

pizza party

Following the pizza party, all the kids headed off to play.

And play they did… on trampolines, foam pits slides, giant bouncies, colorful ball pools, dress-up stations, giant floor puzzles, and more… all while mommy and daddy enjoyed a relaxing latté on cozy couches.


Kierra and her classmate Lexi had a BALL! {pun intended}


After an hour or so of playtime, the kids were all seated in the private birthday room, for yummy Birthday Cake!


“Make a wish,” her mommy said. Kennedy thought a moment, then blew out her candles.


Some friends looked on quitely.


Others added to the festivities with “Hello Kitty” noisemakers.


When the party came to an end, my daughter simply refused to leave.


Here is my little Drama Queen, in her best, “Look how sad I am Mommy, pleeeeeaaaaaase can we stay just a little longer,” pose.

Since party attendees have an all access pass for the day, her spirits quickly lifted when I agreed to go into the main post-party playroom for another hour of excitement.

And soared even higher later on, once she dug into the “goodie bag” and found all the fun treats.


As advertised… A Latté Fun was had by all.


One response

  1. Lauren Newcomb

    beauiful photos…fun way to remember a fun party

    April 19, 2010 at 6:52 am

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