{ julie + jonathan | engaged! | nyc }

julie + jonathan’s photo shoot in central park took place in early spring, but it felt and photographed like a perfect fall day.

With the bare trees and golden brown hues… only the field of yellow daffodils in the background hinted at the coming of spring.

We started at 81st street, and worked our way to Shakespeare’s Cottage… I just love this lincoln log fencing. This is by far, my favorite image of the day.

I had the best time with both of them… julie + jonathan were so cool to work with.

While the sun was still bright, we cozied up on the lawn, and took in a bit of nature.

An assortment of squirrels stopped by to visit… I swear NYC has the friendliest rodents ever. Here is one little pipsqueek eating his berry. Awww, how cute is he???

Check out this great gazebo, with it’s wall of stone, and guilded columns, it overlooks the west side of the park.

As the sun began to set, we ventured over to nearby Belvedere castle. It was closed, but still made for a great backdrop.

What a great view of the upper west side skyline and the central park lake.

As the sun set… the final silhouette was captured.

Looking forward to seeing them again this summer, at their destination wedding at the Ritz Carlton in Palm Beach.

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