{ sensual seaside maternity | claudia + yair | twins}

claudia + yair, {whose wedding I shot back in april of 2009}, are expecting twins {a boy + a girl} in a few weeks.

Claudia is by far, one of the most beautiful pregnant mommies-2-b ever.

Wrapped in nothing but 10 yards of white chiffon… our seaside shoot was all about sensual.

I am a huge fan of “bringing the sexy back” when it comes to maternity shoots.
So what if most mommies-2-be feel like “orca” in our last trimester… the key is looking hot!!!

Here, Yair took a moment to feel his duo kicking away.

I still can’t believe Claudia is in her 9th month… with twins, no less. She is so amazingly fit… {totally not fair… my belly looked like that in my 6th month with 1 baby}

The shoot ended on a playful, tender note…

One response

  1. Claudia & Yair

    We were blessed to meet a person who has the talent to turn any situation into an incredible moment and capture it, creating a timeless memory.

    Thank you for being there for all our amazing moments, we hope to share many more with you.

    April 28, 2011 at 10:50 pm

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