{ a mermaids tale: kierra’s under-the-sea birthday bash }

Here is a sneak peek at Kierra’s Under-The-Sea 5th Birthday Bash based on Barbies: A Mermaid’s Tale, soon to be featured in Baby Lifestyle Magazine.

Weeks before the event, tiny invitations were tied with raffia to little bags of sand {aka:brown sugar + candy pearls} filled with chocolate starfish… beckoning dozens of little mermaids and surfer dudes to attend.

The dessert table was the centerpiece of the event, and featured a treasure trove of homemade sea themed yummies.

Unfortunately, just as guests were arriving, and thes programs were being handed out, the skies opened up and torrential rains fell. So as the little ones took cover in the crafts area, making fishy-crafts and getting temporary tattoos from Marisa + Madi, my wonderful teenage mermaid helpers, the rest of us willed the sun to shine.

Back at the dessert table, setup continued. I think these aqua-lollies were my favorite creation. They are simply brownie bites, on sticks, with royal icing, shimmery sprinkles, and pre-made sugar creature layons from Country Kitchen Sweetart.

Though Kierra’s mommy {aka: me}, and Papa Frankie, created most of the delectables… The fabulous Mermaid cake, was masterfully created by June Odlum, the professional Pastry Chef at Greenwise’s PBG Bakery.

Along with Aquarius Petit Fours…

Treasure cupcakes…

And Octo-Mini Cakes!

The following cupcakes and cookies were made, again, with the help of Country Kitchen’s sugar sea creature layons. Here we “find Nemo” and company.

These seahorse and starfish seascape cookies, were also created from Country Kitchen’s add ons.

These Lemon Octopus Cupcakes, and Seaturle Carrot Cakes, were a big hit.

No sea themed party is complete without Swedish Fish… in a Giant Martini Glass.

Marsh-Mallow Scallops and Marsh-coral spires were also served.

How cute are these mallow-clams??? Constructed of Pink Snowballs, with edible eyes, sliced halfway through, with a white gumball to play the role of pearl, the kids loved them.

Earlier in the day, Mermaid Kierra, dressed in her custom Mermaid Costume. Designed by her Nanny Gayle and professionally sewn by Shabbena, our friend and master seamstress. {Thank you, Thank You, Thank you… Shabbena!}

A little purse was fashioned out of ribbon and real painted seashells…

As was the custom headband and necklace.

Once dressed, Kierra headed for Mermaids Cove.

And made her way down the sandy lake shore.

Finding a starfish…

And a conch shell along the way.

Finally, she arrived at the party venue, which was held at the end of The Pier at Evergrene, in Palm Beach Gardens. Evergrene’s club and event coordinator, Michelle Woytcha, helped orchestrate the event, and BabyLifestyle Magazine photo shoot.

Guests were greeted by the giant SeaHorse, hand painted by Nanny Gayle.

Once the rain stopped, the little mermaids made their way to the party site.

Beautifully wrapped Gifts were placed on the gift bench.

And the girls took their seats at Triton’s Royal Under-the-Sea table, created by Cary McKain for Camden Gardens Floral.

A tent of aqua silk organza and giant mylar Sea Creatures Balloons hung above the table; draped in hot pink fabric. The tables center featured, shells scattered among bright plastic seahorses, and blue potted organza’s, with multi-colored tropical fish.

Deep Blue chargers, were placed at each setting with a seashell Lunchbox.

Inside, Octopus and Angel fish shaped sandwiches, and a Watermelon Seahorse, were served on a bed of colorful veggies.

The Birthday Mermaid took her seat for lunch…

But in no time, the gang was at play and posing for their close-ups…

Introducing… Mermaid’s Mia, Viviana, Elie, Olivia, Kierra and Kate!

I just love this sexy little home-made mermaid outfit on Elie (featured on left) What a great idea! Elie’s ingenius mom, Christine, split a coconut and tied string through it to make the top, then hand drew little scales, on a pair of pink tights.

After lunch, the mermaids switched over to surfergirls and headed for the waterpark!

The most popular activity of the day, was the tropical hair braiding by Knot Head.

Ali, and her crew, helped each little mermaid/surfergirl select their beads and hair decorations, then saw to it that each and every girl was braided to perfection.

Here is Kierra with her super cute Mer-boyfriend Cian…

Showing off his cool pirate tattoo!

Soon it was time for cake… and Kierra made her 5th Birthday wish!

Finally, the kids were allowed to hit the dessert table they had been drooling over since their arrival two hours earlier. The centerpiece, created from wood letters on sticks from Micheals Crafts, was handpainted + adorned with sea shaped wooden cutouts.

These Fish and Seahorse gummy pops, displayed in a tin bucket filled with brown sugar, were a kiddie-fan-favorite.

On the way out, guests were given brightly wrapped and tagged thank you favors. Girls were gifted with a set of little mermaid dolls and costumes, and boys scored a fishing set!

Though the event ended a bit sooner than expected, thanks to the return of the rain, accompanied by a spectacular lightening storm, the party on the pier was a great success.

At least according to my Little Mermaid.

Who I hope will look back at her 5th birthday with the fondest of memories.

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Love, Mommy + Daddy


decor: cary mckain for camden gardens floral
linens + chargers: atlas party rentals
venue: evergrene clubhouse + pier
evergrene site coordinator: Michelle Woytcha
cake + petit fours + octo-minis: chef june odlum for greenwise bakery by publix, palm bch gdns
cookies + aqualollies + sea cupcakes: homemade by mommy
lunchbox: homemade by pa
sugar sea creature layons: country kitchen sweet art

hair braiding: knot head by ali
kierra’s mermaid costume: handsewn by shabbena
kierra’s accessories: designs by gayle
seahorse + signage: handpainted by gayle {aka: nanny}

food styling: joriann for chris joriann photography

— Special thanks to Cary McKain, who helped conceive of and create the wonderful event decor, you rock! — To Michelle Woytcha of Evergrene, for helping with site coordination. — To Marisa + Madi, my awesome Teen-Mermaid assistants! — To Papa Frankie, who spent a week pouring little seashell chocolate invites, baked sugar cookies, and made little animal shaped lunchboxes. See daddy, all those years as an executive chef really paid off! — To my mother, and artist extraordinaire, Gayle, who tirelessly painted seahorses, and signage and stayed up till 1am designing costumes, you’re the best. — To Grandma Adele + Grandpa John, who assisted with setup/cleanup and whatever else needed doing. Go Grandpa!!! — And to my husband Chris, for all his support and for stopping me from breaking into tears as the rains came down. Oh, and Thank the HEAVENS… for clearing the skies and sending the sunshine! I couldn’t have done it without ALL of your help.

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  1. These images are brilliant! Thanks for posting. Marie, UK London

    September 22, 2011 at 4:25 pm

  2. Nice !

    September 22, 2011 at 4:59 pm

  3. Rose Ann Fraumeni

    Amazing, now you had best start planning her sweet 16!

    October 28, 2011 at 7:52 am

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