{ ashley + whitney | engaged | palm beach photography }

Ashley + Whitney’s two part engagement session took place in Palm Beach. This great looking pair couldn’t take a bad picture if they tried.

{Part I – Worth Avenue}

This “save the date” portion of the shoot included lots of unique props.

The architecture in this area made for the most gorgeous sets. You can pretty much spend an hour shooting on any block you walk down.

Love these doors!!!!

How cute are these little signs???

Clearly, as their smiling faces indicate, this stunning couple, is equally lucky!

A quick stroll past some art galleries…

And that’s a wrap.


{Part II – The Beach}

After a quick clothing change, an Aqua colored sundress for her, and casual khaki and white for him… they bared their feet and were still quite energetic and ready to go for round two.

Though the wind was not too cooperative in the hair department, it made a perfect fan for the clothing. Look how perfect Ashlee’s dress is blowing in the wind!

No Lifeguard on Duty… so they took to higher ground for a better view.

Then manned the lifeboat for this cute shot.

These two totally know how to have good time…

They can even make “seaweed” fun!

Okay, now.. get serious… tender moments everyone… ready… go.

We finished up just as the sun set behind them lighting them to perfection.

Looking forward to capturing their wedding in the Spring!!!

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